Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming Back and a Griffon Prince WIP

Hello everyone. Things are going bongers around here and real life situations are constantly keeping me away from blogging and painting for good amount of time. I am trying to keep a pace here but in any case things are moving out of my control from time to time.

On a cheerier note, I have started working on the HE Griffon prince found in the IOB set. I have decided that I will go with a faster approach on this. Airbrush the parts so I can cover the larger surfaces faster and hopefully smoother, and then hit the details and such with the brushes. I know that keeping the mini in parts and assembling it in the end will might leave some visible seams but anyways, this is going to be a battlefield ready mini painted in a hopefully good and acceptable standard that will make its general happy (and victorious)!
Here is a picture of the basecoated parts.

 Colours used for the basecoating are: Scorched Brown, Regal Blue, Golden yellow, Chaos Black, Bleached Bone, Chainmail, Glorious Gold, and P3 Rackshack Tan for the lion part of the griffon's body.

That is all for now. Thanks for looking.


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