Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming Back and a Griffon Prince WIP

Hello everyone. Things are going bongers around here and real life situations are constantly keeping me away from blogging and painting for good amount of time. I am trying to keep a pace here but in any case things are moving out of my control from time to time.

On a cheerier note, I have started working on the HE Griffon prince found in the IOB set. I have decided that I will go with a faster approach on this. Airbrush the parts so I can cover the larger surfaces faster and hopefully smoother, and then hit the details and such with the brushes. I know that keeping the mini in parts and assembling it in the end will might leave some visible seams but anyways, this is going to be a battlefield ready mini painted in a hopefully good and acceptable standard that will make its general happy (and victorious)!
Here is a picture of the basecoated parts.

 Colours used for the basecoating are: Scorched Brown, Regal Blue, Golden yellow, Chaos Black, Bleached Bone, Chainmail, Glorious Gold, and P3 Rackshack Tan for the lion part of the griffon's body.

That is all for now. Thanks for looking.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SW Rune Priest and a little update

Hello everyone.
The last 2 weeks have been hectic on the painting front. I managed to strip a space wolves mini from its original paint and repaint it as seen in the picture below. I used brake fluid to strip the paint off the mini, as I was unable to find the Dettol liquid or anything of that matter either in a supermarket or a pharmacy. The result is the same, although extra care should be taken due to the fact that the brake fluid strips the paint off on anything it touches, and it is quite toxic so be careful not to throw everything down the sink. I will prepare a tutorial soon on how to use this and other materials for stripping miniatures.
On a second note, I have decided to take the adsense off the blog. I want to unclatter the whole design and if you have any suggestions to do please feel free to speak up :)
Yet, on the same pace I have put a Donate button on the right side column for any reader feeling like making a small donation so I can keep some tutorials running and be able to bring some quality material from now on. I feel strange for doing this, but I have been unemployed for 2 years now and trying to keep up with the hobby seems more of a struggle as time passes. Anyway, enough with my personal rant and everything..
You may have noticed the huge ebay seller window on the right. This is an ebay widget, and I have been unable to find a way to make it smaller.. any suggestions?
Anyways, thanks for the time reading through all these.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Something Stompy this way comes

Hello everyone. I have not been posting for some days now. Truth is I am working on several projects at the same time.
Here is a picture of the Ogres from the Ogre Kingdoms Batallion box I am currently working on.
If anyone is interested in those just let me know. Else, on ending I will get these on ebay.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Create realistic looking blood with Tamiya X-27

I hope this will prove to be of help with people struggling to make a realistic looking blood. The solution of using real blood is out of question in this instance (although I remember reading that some place..anyways..).
Tamiya produce a series of clear paints, i.e., paints that will dry up in an almost crystalline transparent film. This series is mainly used in painting airplane lights etc in scale models.
The paint in question here is the Tamiya X-27 clear red.

The paint is quite thick in consistency and dries up to an almost glassy finish. As you can see in the picture below a drop of this looks quite bright red in colour but it has a nice fluid transparency.
The trick here is to add darker colours in it and produce various tones of coagulated blood. You see blood does not stay bright red for more than a couple of minutes anyway, and as soon as it touches the air it starts oxidising to a rusty colour. This is in truth the actual process as the iron contained within red blood cells starts to oxidise in contact with air, and when we combine air with iron we get rust.

You can add anything from brown, black or even purple to get different shades of blood, as you can see in the picture.

Given the fact that there is usually a thickness difference in the pigments of the clear red and the colours we use to colour it, a nice effect of blobs and such appears as seen above. The process is quite simple, use the paint as is or mix it up in order to get the shade of blood you like. When done, take a brush and blot the paint on a blade or any surface you want to cover with it.

I have included two pics from an Orc's axe I have used this trick on.

That is all folks! Quite simple and effective.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Daemon to the End - Finished Mini

Hey everyone, just to give you a heads up to the Daemon Prince I have finished working on.
Here is a set of two pictures of the miniature.

The miniature was built as part of the PfP challenge over at WAMP. I have put the mini on ebay for sale and I have also placed it on CMON for people to mark it down badly :P
Here is the link to CMON, just CLICK THIS
Through that you can actually click on the link to ebay and place a bid if you like the miniature.
In any case, let me know what you think of this.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Demonic WIP - almost to the end

Hey everybody. I realised I haven't put any photographs of the Demon Prince I am working on.
I have tried working with purple tones all over the mini. Even the colours used for the horns and hoof claws are mixed with purple. Reason for doing this is to try and keep a pallete that will have the same tones and warmth; to try and blend things together nicely in the eye.

I need to make some corrections, work the highlights a bit and finish basing the miniature. Since this is going to see game action (hopefuly) I am going for a simple gravel and flock base which will fit as many armies as possible and will not substract the attention from the model itself.

I will get this one to ebay when it is finished as well as on CMON for people to cast a vote, so I can rant a bit more in the future :P
Have a look at it and leave a comment with C&C if you like.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joined the Int. House of Paincakes

Hello everyone. Just a quick note that this blog is now part of the House of Paincakes blogroll.
Let me know if this works ok or if it is redirecting you back to the older blog.
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